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so let's say there's this guy Eric. and he is in one of my classes. now i'm really nice to everyone, so i tried being friends with eric this year. and all of a sudden he's helping me with homework, staying after school with me, and he even gave me his phone number and said i should call him if i need more homework help. i doubt he wants anything, cuz he's always staring at me in class too, but i mean.. what does he want?? iss he judging me by my looks? he can't like me.. we're not even friends...WHAT'S HIS PROBLEM? advice!!?
I think he doesn't have a problem, I think he just likes you. You sound like a friendly, nice kind of person and maybe he likes that part of you. He's trying to get to know you better and could possibly, might have a crush on you. I guess you should just wait and see what happens but once you feel he's dropping too many ';I-wanna-go-out-lets-date'; hints and you dont like him back, its best to cut it short and not lead him on.WHAT'S HIS PROBLEM? advice!!?
I'm sure he likes u and not judging u. He's lookin 4 a way 2 get closer 2 u.
Don't be so naive what do you think he wants? he want DA bootay
Hi there.

if it's real love, the person shows respect most of all. They are also willing to go out of their way for you, not just once, but whenever it's needed. Since everyone is different, I would have to say that knowing true love comes from sensing it. You feel in in your heart.

Good luck
what do you mean you doubt he wants anything because he always looks at you in class??? how do you know he cant like you. are you 9yr old or something cause you dont know anything about a crush.
if ur still in school u should not be studying boys, trying focusing on ur school work.
You said you have been trying to be friends with him this year, so maybe he is starting to get the hint. Maybe he does like you and is trying to get to know you better. The only way you are going to find out is to give him a chance. He may just like you for you.
He looks at you? Ok do a test wear a watch, when he is looking at you look at the watch as if you were checking for the time. If he looks at his watch or looks around for one that means he was checking you out and was interested in what you were waiting for.
I'd say he finds you attractive and is interested in knowing you better, maybe just as a friend but maybe not.

Could you give me advice about a problem sending pics via e-mail...?

Whenever people send me photographs via e-mail, either as attachments or pasted in the e-mail, I can view them with no problem. However, when I ';forward'; them to anyone they always reply that they can't view them...they only receive grey, empty boxes. Can someone give me advice on what I'm doing wrong, and how to forward pics so that the receiving party can actually view something? Thank you for your help!Could you give me advice about a problem sending pics via e-mail...?
You might try saving the picture as a jpeg or gif format and then try sending it as an attachment in a fresh email to the one you want to get it rather than forwarding the mail. Some spam filters and junk mail filters may see the forwarded email with a large file attachment (pictures are large file size) as spam or maybe block the image.

Other problems are some email accounts which are free but don't allow attachments - consider if you have ever successfully sent an email with a pic successfully from your current computer and ISP.

Good luck - And the person before me is right about that tooCould you give me advice about a problem sending pics via e-mail...?
It could be their email system, or it could be an internal error in the mail server, interpretting the image in an incorrect format. You can try uploading the image to www.uppit.com, www.mediafire.com then paste the link in the email message.

I need advice in connection with a council housing problem my mum as is there a solicitor on line i can speak?

You can contact the CAB who can provide free legal advice.

Otherwise, the Housing Corporation are the body that oversee all social landlords, so it sounds like they could be appropriate depending on what the problem is.I need advice in connection with a council housing problem my mum as is there a solicitor on line i can speak?
Solicitors do not work for free. Even if you don't personally pay, legal aid does. What is the problem. Bear in mind EVERYONE thinks their own needs are more important than everyone else's.I need advice in connection with a council housing problem my mum as is there a solicitor on line i can speak?
You should go to your local law centre, who are more knowledgeable about housing problems, than a private practise ,and their services is free!

Problem, advice please?

alrite. my friend now obviously likes my ex. we've sorta talked about it, i sorta tried to convince her that she'd be wasting her time. and u no the ';unwritten rule'; ... yea. i mean, if she does go out with him. shouldnt it be on her conscience? she sez her intentions are to help him get over me, and that she likes him also. but we all no that ppl have different intentions.. and i dont want to stop her, i want her to stop herself. b/c i think who am i to tell her who she can go out with and who she can't? its only been about a month since the break up.. so isnt that a little rushed. and.. she told one of my best friends that she acknowledges that it makes me uncomfortable. so why did she hintingly ask him out 2 times behind my back?Problem, advice please?
baby girl, let her do what she wants. you did what she could to warn her. but like you said, you can't control someone else's action. if it works out between them then be happy for them. if it didn't just have a stupid grin (i told you so grin)Problem, advice please?
A friend who cares about you would not intentionally cause you harm.
You need to try to move on and let it go. Let it be her decision and her problem. This is where you find out who your true friends are. If she knows it's hurting you and goes for it anyways then she must not care about you as much as you think.
Well you're right, you have no right to stop her from going out with anybody. Try to put yourself in her shoes... if she really likes him, maybe she sees it as a chance to be with him. Maybe she hintingly asked him out 2 times behind your back, because she don't want you to feel bad. If they really get together in the future, be happy for them although it might be a bit awkward.
While you two where dating she probally was crazy about him and couldn't wait for you two to breack up. Now that you two are no longer together she feels that she can go for him but it could possibly ruin your friendship. So what i would do is confrunt her and tell her that you dont think that they should go out and why(or for whateva reason you have). If she can't understand why then she does still go out with him then maybe she isn't a very good friend.
Let her have him, as he must not be ';all that';!!!
ok everyone here is saying to make her abide by the ';unwritten rule';. you DONT have the authority to make her not date him. she is her own person and can date whom ever she pleases. in your whole question, you say that she is betraying you for even thinking about dating him. but you havent made mention if your ex likes her back. do you know that he does infact feel the same way? if not then you have nothing to worry about. i say, if they want to date then let them. there are no bonds that bind you and him together anymore. move on with your life already. let her have your sloppy seconds.
Probably because she has liked him for a while and was probably waiting for this opportunity or actually caused the break up. Let he sleep in her bed that she is making and let it be her problem.
hey i know theres a rule on friendship never date a friends ex boyfriend but you know you did everything you could do to warn her and she didnt listen so let her do what she wants to do and if you dont want to be her friend anymore then we will understand because she did break the friendship rule but let her go out with him and if yall decide to still be friends then be happy for her but if it dosnt work out between them then rub it in her face that you told her it was a waste of her time but you cant decide stuff for other people you got to let them make there own decisions

Jacket dye problem - any advice please?

I dyed my light blue denim 100% cotton jacket in black dye by Dylon, and followed the instructions, used the salt, but it has turned out navy blue and not black. What can I do?Jacket dye problem - any advice please?
You need to do it again as the dye in the first place wasnt strong enough....now you have the blue colour it will go black on the next try.

Good luck :o)Jacket dye problem - any advice please?
Repeat the dyeing.
I dont know, but once you do know, let me know, thanks


Problem, advice?

alrite. my friend now obviously likes my ex. we've sorta talked about it, i sorta tried to convince her that she'd be wasting her time. and u no the ';unwritten rule'; ... yea. i mean, if she does go out with him. shouldnt it be on her conscience? she sez her intentions are to help him get over me, and that she likes him also. but we all no that ppl have different intentions.. and i dont want to stop her, i want her to stop herself. b/c i think who am i to tell her who she can go out with and who she can't? its only been about a month since the break up.. so isnt that a little rushed. and.. she told one of my best friends that she acknowledges that it makes me uncomfortable. so why did she hintingly ask him out 2 times behind my back?

[i no i asked this question already. i just... need a lot of opinions]Problem, advice?
If you've already asked this question - and have gotten lots of answers - and you truly only need 'lots' more opinions - then, here's one (mine) to add to your growing stack of others' input---

You know already what the GOOD and BAD answers are,

FOR yourself - WITHIN yourself. . .

reading more of what OTHER people think and feel about YOUR situation, only keeps this difficult and hurtful issue alive in your heart and soul - - -

because, for some yet undefined reason (only you can know), you NEED to keep this hurtful, confusing thing happening in your daily energy field, so - asking strangers (at Yahoo) is your way of doing this. . .

You shall figure this all out, and life will go on, as the sun comes up and goes down, each day, for all of us -

Life is for learning - and we learn best when things challenge our emotions ---

for you, just now, this is a lesson in choosing or rejecting friends, and then moving on to something different.

I wish you a speedy recovery from your 'loss', and an easier time of making choices that serve you well - now and in the future. . .Problem, advice?
cuz she dont care about your feelings even though you pretended not to really care about her askin him out but that was your man so she shouldnt have been trying to get with him it aint right so cut her loose cuz i can see this kind of thing happenin all the time
looking for the answer that you want. you have asked and answers are given. Go with the logical thing to do... if something told you the anwswer and you know its right just go for it.
I don't think her intenion is ';oh I am just trying to get him over you. So I'll go out with him.'; I don't thimk that's a good friend but no you can't stop her from asking him out but you can talk to her about it
if she goes out with your ex for the wrong intentions and that she doesn't see that it's bothering you, then obviously she's not a friend. a friend wouldn't stab another friend in the back. you should leave her be and find another friend. I'm sure till she breaks up with him she'll come crowling back and beg you to forgive her.
Aww thats a bummer, If she is really your friend she wouldnt be going behind your back and doing stuff. That seems so shady. I say confront her and tell her that it bothers you %26amp; that she is making a mistake. But yeah, that has to suck. I cant believe your friend would do that!
i just wonder a few things .like how long wereyou guys together for if it was really serious..or not...if it was casual not really super special relationship..or not?or was she the reason that you and your ex .broke up....maybe she scammed you...ever thought of that?no one really asks a ex to go out with them to help the third party get over that person....not without a agender of there own
I think your friend has liked him for a while and just wants to be with him not to help him get over you. Shes lieing to you. I've been through the same thing. the friend who did that to me......Lets just say we were best friends and we havn't talked in over 4 years because of what she did.
I think your friend is not really a friend. I see this type of stuff, and it sort of makes me ill. She obviously thinks of herself more than her friends... so she's not really a friend. Go find other REAL friends. You don't need self-centered b***hes like her in your life. She doesn't treasure your friendship enough to be more disciplined... instead, making up crap excuses to do what she does so she can get what SHE wants... irregardless of how it affects her ';friends';. Dump the friend.
Only a month? Some friend. Tell her to do whatever she wants... and when she goes out with him, tell her ';BYE!';
i dont no who i like best thats the problem
well to me shes not ur friend.one a friend wouldnt do that to u and get with an ex.now if u did break up and had feelings before u guys got together then she should come to u and tell u that.still she didnt that asked him out 2 times and its just been a month.so she not ur friend girl thats just wrong.u need to listen to me if she goes along with this u need to say goodby to hear. i mean that may sound messed but hello she got with ur ex.she the one that made that choice.u dont need a wannabe friend u need true friends.she asked him out that right there is grounds for no more friendship.so yeah she dumb and going to lose a friend in process so hope hes worth it.so call her tell her ur not my friend do whatever u want.then when it goes all sour she will try to come back and u say no ok.she needs to learn that choices she make will affect her life.so who are u to tell her she cant.ur the ex and u have that right but let her go and do whatever cuz u know a friend would not do that 2 u.so dont brush it off u need to deal with this now.forget all the other advice u got.this is the only advice u need.so get rid of the her she not ur friend and u dont need backstabbers.i am right and u know it so go ahead and do it.good luck
I don't think the person ur calling ur friend is a true friend but if they happend to get with each other justmove on with ur life don't be there waiting to see if he'll come back.Get back out there find a new lover. Its so not worth it.Hope I could help..............
what a f****** b****. shes not your friend, shes a self-serving b**** who probably liked your bfriend the whole time along, even when u were w/ him %26amp; cant wait to get her hands on sloppy seconds. shes pathetic %26amp; so desperate to land him that she cant see past her wants to be considerate to you. let the b**** have what she wants- and you know what? mess around w/ him after they've been 2gether for a few weeks %26amp; let her find out. Id keep that girl at ';arms length';
Damn wat kind of friend is dat...really i dnt kno wat to tell u cuz my so called ';best friend'; did da same n i just stopped talking to her. If your friend is a true friend she wldnt even had thoughts of liking your ex, if u talking to her doesnt make a diff than just let them go on living their pathetic lives n tell tehm both to go to hell!!
Who initiated the break up, you or your ex? If you did, then drop it. Go on with your life and let it be. If he did, then you might feel hurt, perhaps jealous with whoever he goes out with (sorry it happened to be your girlfriend). Either case, you need to go on. Tell your friend you wish her luck. If you happen to hear her talk about him, let it in one ear and out the other. If she insisted asking things about him, then tell her you're not comfortable talking about exes.....she has to find out for herself. Everything in life happens for a reason. Sometime we disagree, but if it means to be, let it be. Life is too short to be holding things up too long. You'll be missing out. So.....lift your chin up....put a smile on your face and up you go.... Good luck!
if you don't care about the guy and if he wants to date her, there isn't anything you can say to him or her. people make right or wrong decisions every day. who knows, ultimate justice would be that they are perfect for each other and end up cheating with others on honeymoon-lol. don't worry about it either way. have a good day, babe.
From what you say she isn't a good friend for you and she probably cares more about him than about you. She knows that is makes you uncomfortable and she still asks him out... I don't think she is gonna stop and it's gonna be hard for you...
as Judge Judy says,

put a period at the end.

and move

Sounds like she's just hot for him. and in that case, nothing you can do will stop her from getting what she wants.

You can at least rest assured that she'll end up paying a price for what she wants, and you can smugly wait for her to fall on her face.

If you want to stay friends with her, just give her your permission. While its mildly disrespectful to you, it is your EX, let him go. And then go date one of her ex boyfriends.
When you say he is dating your ex, what are you a lesbian?
You should just forget both of them and move on. First of all you know how hormones are is a girl wants to be with someone then it doesn't matter what others say they will still go out with them. But on the other hand your right that is messed up to take a guy over a friend and that is what she is doing. Lets face it guys come and go and true girl friends are hard to come by. So if you meant enough to her she would leave him alone and stay by your side. So I would just say they heck with both of them.
You can't change people's minds. Let her find out for herself about him. She can still be your friend, just not like on a double date till you're fully over him.
Well if he is your ex, then he is your ex for a reason...

On the other hand, she is your friend and she should know that he is off-limits.

I say, let her date him. Maybe it will be true love and it was worth it, or maybe she will find out why he is your ex and she will feel silly for making a fool of herself. Either way, you cannot control what is no longer yours. If it is true friendship, it will last no matter what. I suggest you move on.
she isn't your true friend. get rid of her, she is lying to you and behind your back she is lying about you. She wants your x, I'm sorry but i would never mess with my best friends x, no matter how attracted to him i may be. every thing that you have said about this friend shows that she isn't a friend at all. I'm sorry.....you want her to make the right decision on her own, but she doesn't care about what the right thing is and she don't care about you.
I never cared if a fried went out with my ex's. I don't understand why people make a big deal about it. If they like eachother then what is the proble? You arent with him anymore. you should just wish her luck, warn her of his bad habbits, and sit back and watch what happens.
No ';sorta told her'; stuff, sweetie...

You need to be honest and tell her he's off limits.
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  • 6th Grade Girl Problem (advice please)?

    I have a crush on a girl in my grade and when I go up and talk to her I am so nervous to actually go up to her and talk. I have had a few conversations with her but the were really short and how to an extend my conversation. I really like her.6th Grade Girl Problem (advice please)?
    im in 6th grade.... dont mind my avatar.... in my school only the popular and pretty ppl date. isnt that the rule :(

    ?6th Grade Girl Problem (advice please)?
    try find out were she hangs out when she goes out in d weekend and meet her there... u'd be more confident. The first time is hard just till u make friends, then after u'd be like you've known her for a long time...
    You have to tell yourself that you can do this. Because if all goes well then you can definetely see yourself with her. If you are to nervous try the note mechanism. That sometimes works. Just one random day tell her how you feel. It will work
    HURRY before someone takes her lol well talk to her you should and mean as soon as possible.... tell her how you feel and make sure that you are nice to people girls like nice guys.... and whoever made that rule is dumb everyone can date and screw popularity kids

    I have faith in you
    crack a joke that works..

    or talk about school, her friends, family, and

    all that unimportant stuff.
    ask her do u any bros sis a mother father then after u ask these ? wait 2 days then ask her out first ask if she has a boy freind
    Of course you really like her! You need to talk to her about ferrets. But don't be too obsessed with her because she might get freaked out.